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    Proland is a professional audio brand.Brand ownership belongs to PROLAND ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD. Since its establishment in 1994, the company has been concentrating on R&D and production of professional audio equipment and smartphone related products.Business coverage in China, the United States, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Vietnam and other global markets.

    Making life full of music and moving life with music is Proland’s long-standing pursuit and belief. Proland refuses to make crude products for profit. Every product of Proland is a product that has been carefully developed and carefully built over a long period of time. Using Proland’s products, you can immediately experience the professional level of sound quality enjoyment and the perfect harmony between high-tech and traditional sound. Diligence and familiarity, familiarity and specialization, specialization and excellence. After 25 years of elaborate craftsmanship, Proland products are deeply loved by consumers at home and abroad.

    Heartbeat and pleasant experience are the product manufacturing philosophy of Proland. Proland will make greater efforts to dedicate its technological, dynamic and amazing products to you, and will interact with you with better service and usage experience.


    激光效果灯L3000 韩国电波认证
    Company History
    • 2017 ★ R&D and production of high quality headphones HD3000.
      ★ Mobile phone self timer with bracket and Bluetooth remote control.
    • 2016 ★ R&D and production of intelligent karaoke microphone G3000.
    • 2014 ★ Guangzhou Import and export products Spring Fair in April
    • 2013 ★ Launched Proland home karaoke digital front effects DSP-HOME.
      ★ Introducing patented product -Proland Mini Headphone Effect Unit MN-HK01, is a new fashion product for network singing K and mobile phone singing K
    • 2012 ★ Launched Proland KTV dedicated U disk recorder RCM-X1.
      ★  Launched Proland & PLS-510III karaoke special speakers.
      ★ Launched KTV Entertainment flashlight rang to enhance the stability of the speaker hanger.
    • 2011 ★ Launched Proland branded UHF UHF wireless microphone UM-X500.    
      ★ Introducing the Proland branded M7 wired microphone for a wide range of applications with excellent shielding and output.
    • 2010 ★ R&D MR series of professional amplifier.
      ★ Launched IPHONE recording microphone.
      ★ R & D patented product - split universal audio hanger.
      ★ Launched high quality Proland branded headphone amplifier EP203.
    • 2009 ★ Introducing cost-effective HA-D3I KTV dedicated amplifier.
      ★ Launched wireless microphone holder MS-11.
      ★ Launched K-120 speaker and HS-SW15 subwoofer.
      ★ Launched HL-818 and HL-828 Microphones and Microphones; Developed Matte Woven Gray, Transparent Braided Gray Microphone Cable.
      ★ R & D mechanism of non-woven microphone sets.
      ★ R & D PRO KBOX professional K bar, KTV new concepts, new ways of entertainment experience.
      ★ Introduced MS2 microphone sterilizer.
    • 2008 ★ Strengthen the appearance of the integrated microphone SM9 market, praised by the industry.
      ★ Launched voice-activated laser LS-H10.
      ★ Introducing the new microphone core and the new wallet XLR.
    • 2007 ★ Introduced a microphone whistle suppressor, effectively suppressing the singing K microphone caused by howling.
      ★ Launch mini microphone
    • 2006 ★ Launched KSYS-CY-919, a KTV private room air purifier.
      ★ Using the industry’s latest technology digital reverb processor ECM-727 market.    
      ★ High-quality, high-definition, high-intensity infrared microphone ICM3000 market.
      ★ Introducing the HL-717 stylish design personalized microphone and HL-702 microphones for a variety of applications.
      ★ Hi-land introduced models HK-5000 CD-ROM kiosks, J4 a series of products, including amplifiers, audio, microphone; launched a new wallet XLR, the first domestic research and development; launched high-quality stainless steel XLR.
      ★ Launched high-quality active speaker HS-C51A and subwoofer HS-SW51A.
      ★ Introducing a new generation of wireless microphones, U-segment microphone UM-X9 and infrared microphone IWM-6000.
    • 2005 ★ Hi-land China and DY South Korea to set up cooperation Taiheng Electronics Co., Ltd. in Guangzhou.
      ★ Start microphone core technology - head production line and microphone finished product line.   
      ★ Mainly to South Korea’s LG and Samsung supply microphone sound head.
      ★ Strengthen the competitiveness of Hi-land product group at home and abroad, then several major Chinese OEM orders.
    • 2004 ★ Hi-land Hyland participates in the 13th China International Lighting & Sound Exhibition.
      ★ Registered Hi-land China another brand KSYS.
    • 2003 ★ Hyland is committed to product stability, marketing activation, overseas business expansion. Products are sold to Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia and other countries.
    • 2002 ★ Hi-land set up Hyland electrical manufacturing plant in Guangzhou, the domestic production, sales and export business was officially launched.
      ★ Have introduced HL-500, HL-100, HL-502 and other classic style microphone.
    • 2000 ★ Hi-land established KTV consumables processing base in China, mainly producing microphone lines, microphones, rattles and other products exported to South Korea.
    • 1996 ★ Hi-land Hyland began to export karaoke audio equipment in mainland China.
    • 1994 ★ South Korea hi-land electronics was established in Seoul, Hyland started to practice karaoke OK audio industry.

    Contact us
    • Proland Electronics Co.,Ltd
    • Add : Guangzhou City, Panyu District,Kengtou village,Shixin north road,North Section,No.90 Building 3
    • Tel : +86-020-39958711
    • Fax : +86-020-39958738
    • Email : 2206516729@qq.com
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